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Character QandA answers PART1
So, finally FINALLY (after some troublesome sickness and other health issues and dentist visits for more than a month now...) I managed to assemble the interviews with everyone, (have you any idea how hard is to have a date which is good for everyone when you have to invite guests from different galaxies and several alternate universes too...?) but finally everyone is here, ready to answer your questions! I have to apologize in advance if their answers prove to be unsatisfactory, inapropriate or god help us, rude... (I'm looking at you Aira-ty...) Yeah I'm definitely sorry for Aira-ty's behavior... *sigh*
Now lets start!
Aira-ty: Which armor that has ever come into your possession is your favorite?
Which one? Is this a real question? My beskar'gam of course! You could never find a better armor, it saved my life quite a few times.

Aira-ty: Do you prefer a lightsaber or blasters?

*snort* I would choose my blaster any time thank you...
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400 Points Giveaway! D: 2h left!

It's time for my second points giveaway of 2017!
It's been two months since the previous one, and I haven't exactly been active on DeviantART lately
(or in real life for that matter,  *cough* Zelda: Breath of the Wild *cough*)
 - so to try to make up for it, here's a raffle for you!
In order to participate, simply
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Watch "Rocky V (10/11) Movie CLIP - Touch Me and I'll Sue (1990) HD" on YouTube
Love this cilp
my lightsaber in work
My lightsaber oc in work. I use 2 plastic pipes and use super glue to stick them together then spray the base and painted the parts black with a fine brush but still in work

Here what i plan to make…
Noah was found as a baby by a Jedi Master on Mandalore whom brought him to the Jedi temple on coruscant to begin his jedi training.  The rest of the masters later found out that he was the son of Keith Shain, a Jedi Knight who was thought to have died years ago while on a mission. Noahs mother told the master, Keith had survived the ships crashing; but was badly injured and went into self exile where he married and had Noah; later dying of an illness.

When Noah was old enough he became a Padawan and he and his master where sent to their first mission to stop a separatist base that manufacturered new prototype weapons on Yavin IV. Noah and his master went to the planet where the repbulic had started to make camp and made a plan to attack the separatists with the help of Jedi Knight  Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano whom Noah knew in there time as younglings.  In the midst of the battle, Noah's master fell in a hole in the tomb of Naga Sadow and heard a voice calling to him. He later met the spirit of a long dead sith lord who entered his body slowly starting to corrupt him.

Five months later Noahs master had started to fall deeply into the darkness. One day he got Noah to follow him to Dantooine where he explained how he planned to join this new order and wanted him to join him. Noah refused to join his masters crazy plan which angered him for refusing to join. He attempted to kill him but Noah defended himself which which ultimately cost him his left arm. He  closed his eyes and waited for the blade to end his life, but it was interrupted as Anakin and and Ahsoka had followed them as they were suspicious of him and his master for a while. Noah's master attacked the two jedi but he didn't notice that his former Padawan was approaching him from behind and pierced him through the back. Anakin and Ahsoka helped the padawan and took him back to the Jedi temple on Coruscant where he was given a cybernetic left arm to replace his last arm, it was custom made to have a compartment to store his lightsaber inside. Just a random request that was accepted.

Three years passed. Noah was now seventeen  He started to learn Jar'Kai and became very skillful in the force, lightsaber combat and learned to combined the forms to try to strengthen them; that his new master taught him. Noah was much more mature and wise after being taught by his new master that he asked the Jedi Council if he were ready to be a Jedi Knight. At first they disagreed that he wasn't ready but soon after a long debate they gave Noah one more trial to see if he was ready to face his fears. As Noah went to face his fear he was at frightened at seeing his first master who was killed three years ago. He fought his former master, having a hard time hard time with him, but after some time he later passed his final test where he was later knighted.

Weeks later Noah lead his new unit as a general to stop separatists, but his own men pointed there weapons at him. Noah sensed his troops were about to execute him and he quickly killed them all but one so he could know why his own men tried to kill him. After learning what he needed to know he killed the last clone, took his droid, and went into hiding after hearing what had happened to the Jedi.

In the months he went into hiding and landed on a planet that the republic or separatists  knew very little about. However he later found out that he wasn't the only being on the surface as a group of mandalorian came out and surrounded the young Jedi. One female mandalorian lowered her weapon and removed her mask, a surprised look on her face. She then saw his birth mark on the right side of his neck and knew that he was her son. At first Noah couldn't believe that he had a mother and wondered where his father was. She told him he died from a illness when Noah was born and she was saddened that her love was had die but happy that her only son survived. They went to the rest of the clan where the leader of the clan saw he was a Jedi and son of Keith Shain, his father who helped them and welcomed him in as one own. Noah was then put throught some trials and work as hard as he could so he will be able to join the clan, after all the trials they made Noah a member of the clan and welcome him in.

Months later Noah was taken by the imperials and sent to a cell but a female imperial officer who was guarding him and listing as Noah says stuff on how palpatine betrayed the republic and the jedi which then angered the officer that he insulted the emperor. But Noah tells her that made the clones try to  kill him but killed his colleagues that he knew for years were killed by there once loyal troopers and palpatine who turn the Senate against them. After weeks the two started to form a friendship after he helped her from a sexist male officer who sexually assaulted her and he even try to rape her. However Noah use the force to knock the officer out, she saw how the jedi save her and asked why he saved her he reply"even if your my enemy. No one should try that." Noah told her as she slowly started to lose faith in the empire and qustion if the jedi really did try to take over. After 2 days after the incident she walked over to his cell letting him out telling him there both leaving and he wonder why till she kissed him showing she loved him. After accepting her love the got into a imperial shuttle and escaped after they removed the tracker and tracer. They got married about 3 weeks later in the mandalorian way and learn her name is Magnhild but calls her Maggie for short. After some time they had a daughter that they name Akayla Shain and Noah felt his daughter is Force Sensitive and plans to train her as a jedi.


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lightsaber comission
give me a ref of a lightsaber you want me to make and talk about prices


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450 / 10,000
i want to get enough to do point commissions and I only do pics of swords or lightsabers and send a ref pic so I know what to make

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Other past of when she first meets gor and kick logan or loveless at the time in the balls. And times he shock her to make her stronger.:

" onceva sith you are. Always a sith"
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